If you’re here, you must have liked the title of this blog. I want to talk about a Big Bang cosmology that doesn’t ignore GOD, but includes Him AS THE CREATOR.

I’m just flabbergasted. Everybody knows that when the Big Bang was accepted by mainstream science [which occurred probably by 1967, 2 years after Penzias and Wilson discovered the CMB, but certainly by ’78 when they received the Nobel Prize for their discovery] it meant that there was now proof that the universe had a beginning [it was not eternal, immutable and unchanging], that is, it was a creation, and that meant the existence of God, as the Creator, was proven. [By way of the time-tested ‘watchmaker’ analogy.] And yet, although I’ve reviewed at least 100 web sites about the Big Bang cosmology, NOT ONE OF THEM BEGINS WITH THE FACT OF GOD’S CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE! Have you?

We get bombarded with an imaginary point called a ‘singularity’, an impossible process called ‘inflation’ from the atheists and, the theists accept those two impossibilities then chime in that the universe was created ex nihilo [out of nothing].

Hey, like the song says: “Nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could …” The universe being created out of nothing is just as impossible as the singularity or inflation.

I’ve even seen websites where they use the ‘watch’ [the universe] to disprove the existence of the Watchmaker [God]! ! ! Let me know if you’ve found a Big Bang site that starts with God creating the universe [when and how]. If you have no more luck than me, I’d like to share my views as to how God did it. Let me hear from you.