So let’s go forward. Antwort! Let’s see how God did it. First let me make one thing perfectly clear. The universe did not originate ex nihilo. As the song says, like I mentioned before, ‘nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could .. ‘ That’s just common sense. But you hear preachers say that all the time. If you visit a theist web site, he’s going to say the universe was created out of nothing. How did Christians get lured down such a path? Why did they go along with such a ridiculous belief?

It happened a long time ago. And that’s the chief defense of the belief. It was made by nice, well-meaning, but ignorant people out of their ignorance. Namely it happened before e = mc^2 was made known; long before. The argument dates at least from early Biblical studies if not before. There are verses in the Bible that make it clear that before God created the universe there was nothing And then He made the universe.

Therefore, it seemed clear, the universe was created from nothing. When the ex nihilo argument was first put forth, the only perceived possibility was that some matter was made where before there had been nothing. Ergo, the universe was created from nothing, that is, it was created ex nihilo. But now we know better, right? We know e = mc^2. As I’ll shortly describe, the universe was made according to that equation; the matter was made from energy, the energy to do so came from God. NOT OUT OF NOTHING. FROM GOD! ! ! That is, out of God’s tremendous energy the universe was created.

If you think about it, it’s very simple. As many of my fellow theists point out, GOD is very powerful. No lie! But power is not the issue. Energy is the issue. God possesses an indefinite amount of energy as well as power. [You may believe his energy is infinite. OK by me, but not needed to create the universe since the universe if finite.] What does that mean? It means that God, who created the reality that Einstein published as e = mc^2, is fully able to convert energy into matter just like the formula says! How much energy would it take? How much do you think? I’d appreciate it if you figured it out, let me know, and then we could talk. However, until the search engines find this site, I don’t think you will. But I need to stop for now; more later.