We’re about ready to set forth a God-based cosmology.  A cosmology is a presentation of facts leading to conclusions.  That’s called an argument.  We’re going to talk about the arguments that the morally bankrupt atheists have put forth.  [Why bankrupt?  They’ve welched on their bet; I’ll get to that in a later posting.]

Speaking of argumentation, my fellow theists score zero.  That’s why I think a little review of Logic 101 is in order.  The atheists aren’t stupid.  They’re not ignorant.  The atheist cosmology [LambdaCDM] is a kind of argument called a syllogism.  What’s a syllogism?  In symbolic logic it goes like this:  P implies Q.  P is true.  Therefore, Q is true.  A classic example is:  All state patrolmen [P] are over 6 feet tall [Q].  George is a state patrolman [P is true].  Therefore, George is over 6 feet tall [Q is true].  Why do we care?

The important thing about an argument by syllogism is that it is air tight.  Given the opening premise [P implies Q, that is, all state patrolmen are over 6 feet tall], then it cannot be disputed that if P is true [George is a state patrolman], then, without fail, Q is true [George is over 6 feet tall].

So what?  It means that if you claim a syllogism argument is wrong, then you HAVE TO PROVE that the opening premise is false.  For example, maybe the over 6 feet tall requirement has only been in place 10 years.  Maybe George is a 20 year veteran.  Then it isn’t a sure thing that he is over 6 feet tall.

My fellow theists don’t understand that.  They grant the atheist’s first premises [there’s actually two of them in the LambdaCDM model] and then try to dispute the atheists’ conclusions.  No way!   Remember, if you grant the atheist’s premises, You lose!

That’s why the atheist cosmology is able to prove, from the creation of the universe, that God doesn’t exist.  Yes, they use the watch to prove that the watchmaker does not exist!  Sounds impossible, right?  Have you ever seen a watch that didn’t have a watchmaker?  Me neither.  But that’s their argument.  So we must watch out for those first steps, right?

That’s what we’re about to do.