We’ve learned that the singularity never happened. Like 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, that’s a good start! But it’s not enough. We’re not through.

After the singularity, the atheist LambdaCDM model next tells us that something called ‘inflation’ occurred. [Clever folk, those atheists. They know we all believe in economic inflation {but who really understands it’s cause?}, so why not ask us to believe in a cosmic kind of ‘inflation’?]

‘Inflation’ is just as impossible as was the singularity. ‘Inflation’ is supposed to be a time, after the singularity, in which the universe expanded at a speed greater than the speed of light! I hope that makes you LOL.

We know that that cannot happen, right? Didn’t some guy say that even if an object just reached the speed of light it would be infinitely heavy? Didn’t he say that the speed of light cannot be exceeded? Doesn’t most everybody believe this guy? I know his GTR is pretty well accepted. His special theory was well enough received to lead to the atomic bomb. I don’t think a process, i.e., ‘inflation’, that violates the GTR can be seriously considered.

Just like the singularity, ‘inflation’ is another figment of the atheist imagination. Again, we have to ask, as we did last post, why do the atheists love it?

That’s easy. It goes back to the discovery that confirmed the big bang as fact. The straw that broke the back of the big bang detractors, i.e., Hoyle and his ‘Steady State’ theory. A discovery that was predicted long before it was found. What am I referring to? The CMB [cosmic microwave background radiation — now it’s referred to, usually, as CMB rather than CMBR]. The existence of the CMB was predicted by Gamow way back in 1948. Originally visible light, now, over 13 billion years later, it would have red-shifted all the way to the microwave spectrum. And be really cold; almost absolute zero. And be visible no matter in what direction you looked.

In 1963, it was discovered, accidentally, by Penzias and Wilson. They got the nobel prize for its discovery in 1978. Subsequent data collected by COBE and WMAP have confirmed everything Gamow predicted.

The CMB is often referred to as the big bang fossil. Physical proof that the big bang occurred. It cannot be doubted by any reasonable, honest person; nor can the big bang be doubted.

That’s the problem the atheists faced. Theists know that God created the big bang. No singularity; no ‘inflation’; God. [Although it seems I’m the only theist who will integrate God into a big bang cosmology — see next post.] The atheists had to come up with a theory that avoided God. It takes two impossibilities to do it. The singularity wasn’t enough [it got rid of God, but didn’t give us the universe]. ‘Inflation’ gave us the CMB. The CMB gives us the universe. That’s why the atheists had to have it.

But two impossibilities don’t make a right, right? As Eddington said, “Accidental truth of a conclusion is no compensation for erroneous deduction.” Next post we’ll make it clear when God created the universe, that is, when ‘in the beginning’ began.