So what are we saying?

Before we get into that, let me say what we are not saying, i.e., what is the purpose of this weblog?

Unfortunately, although this weblog has been getting a nice number of hits lately [thank you very much], the only comments I have received are from an atheist. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure he’s a real nice kid. I’m sure he’s doing his best to cope with reality. BUT the purpose of this weblog is not to convert atheists. Sure, before I’m done I’ll point out that atheism [as well as agnostism, naturalism] have no logical foundation [although they did 50 years ago]; BUT I don’t expect the atheists to agree.

The purpose of this weblog is to get Christians to understand that only belief in God is logical; what do I mean by ‘logical’? Scientifically provable. Future posts will flesh this out.

What I’m concerned with is that, although I’m getting a nice number of hits, no Christian has commented.

Let’s talk a bit about comments. You don’t have to present an argument like I. Goat did to make a comment. I thought that when I said that Dr. Crain was wrong [about ab initio], I’d get a bunch of comments. That’s a foundational position of his. It has been a foundational position of Jewish-Christian theology for over 3,000 years. It’s wrong. Nothing comes from nothing; I explained how God made the universe [not from nothing; from his tremendous energy]. AND I’ve got no comments.

Are any Christians reading this weblog? Do you all agree that Dr. Crain is wrong and I am right???? Sure, I’d like that to be true, but I find it hard to believe that you can change horses in midstream without a comment.

Here’s some sample comments I’d like to hear from Christians:

How can you call Dr. Crain wrong? Who are you? Dr. Crain is a great man!

Gee, you might be right; tell me more.

Thank you for uniting e = mc^2, which the atomic bomb proves, with God.

You’re going to roast in hell.

Yes, I’ve always believed [reinforceded by my science classes] that 0 = 0.

You’re either crazy or brilliant — I’m waiting.

Our Bible group is going to discuss this with Dr. Crain; more later.

See? You don’t need a lot of words. I’d appreciate the feedback. The next few posts are fertile grounds for feedback. I never intended to lecture on reality. If I had, I wouldn’t have needed a weblog. I could have done a site and published my work and let it go.

But, I didn’t have enough time to do the research I would have liked to do. So I thought a weblog, which can be interactive, would be the way to go. I’d set forth my position and invite comments. So far, that hasn’t worked. You’ll notice I don’t site my sources. I hope to get you to look for what I found. Maybe you’ll find something better! Maybe we’ll come up with something we all could call the truth. Ain’t that what we all want? For that matter, isn’t that what God wants?

So much for the position portion of this post. Now on with it.

I repeat: So what are we saying?

First, we are saying that we agree with one thing the atheists and everyone else [Hawking, Guth, Lederman, Smith, etc.] agrees with:

At the beginning, at the first instance, at the time the Big Bang began, nobody knows what happened. That’s important! That puts us all on a level playing field. The basis of this weblog is what happened at the beginning.

Let me point out a few contradictions within the atheistic view. I’ve already pointed out Smith’s description of the singularity as a ‘caldron’. Ain’t no zero dimensional caldrons, are there? Hawking has a similar problem. First, he says that the singularity was a time when ‘all the laws of physics would have broken down’. Later, in the same lecture, he says ‘the Big Bang is a beginning that is required by the dynamical laws that govern the universe’. Gee, Steve, you can’t have it both ways. The ‘laws of physics’ are the ‘dynamical laws’. All atheists have a problem in that they attempt to describe how things were when the Big Bang began.

Why is it that atheists have such a problem getting the Big Bang started? That’s easy. They’re trying to do the impossible. When does time begin?

Everyone sems to have forgotten about our friend Einstein. Remember spacetime? One word. Inseparable. Until space is created, time does not begin.

We all know this about creations. Take a well-known example. A creation we’re all familiar with. A car. Sure, we call this a mass-produced product. But it is still a creation. It is created. So when does a car become a car? The creation process begins, let’s say, when the frame goes on the assembly line. Is that a car? Obviously not. Then you have the body, [but not the doors] and, let’s say, the engine but not the transmission,, etc I ask again, is that a car? Nope. When does the car become a car? When it’s completely created and not a moment before.

But, you say, I can measure the time it takes to create that car. True enough. But that’s because, now, the universe is created [and has been for 13,708,010,000 years, right?] and spacetime is a reality. But, as I’ve noted before, before the universe was created, spacetime did not exist and time had not begun. That means that for the universe time does not begin until the creation process is complete.

That means it is nonsense to ask how ‘long’, that is, how much ‘time’, it took. There was no time. Did God convert the energy of 5 quintillion quintillion quintillion A-bombs into matter giving us the CMB in an instant? Oops! You see how easy it is to ask about time before time began. However God did it, it took no time, because time did not exist. How arrogant of man to believe he can understand the process by which God did it. We cannot.

That’s why the atheists have such a tough time explaining it. They cannot. Nor can anyone.

What’s important is that the Big Bang proves the existence of God.

That’s obvious, right? Well, we’ll talk some about it in the next posts.