Now we know the energy God used to create the universe [i.e., how, in a simple way, he did it, that is, he didn’t do it ex nihilo]; we know when He did it and we know the fossil that proves that he did it, right?

How does that fit into the purpose of this weblog? How does that help fulfill the purpose of this weblog? [Remember?: To make Christians aware that only belief in God {as the creator of the universe} is logical. Rational. A scientifically proven fact.]

Why do I care about that? Why should you? Because for more or less 250 years atheists [and agnostics and naturalists] have been calling Christians stupid. And we looked stupid [creation ex nihilo], right? By way of this weblog, we know better, right?

I want it to come to pass that the next time any Christian, anywhere in the world, is confronted with an atheist who says to get with science and become an atheist, that that Christian can say: ‘Whoa, mi amigo. It is exactly science that I am aligned with and science that now proves the existence of God.

I want to get Christians off the defensive and to be assertive as carriers of the torch of truth. Yes, God’s truth. What truth? That we can prove God exists because he created the universe! AND if you disagree, you are not scientific, not logical, and are so biased as to close your mind to the truth.

So, let’s flesh out the previous posts and get down to it. How did the atheists lose their bet?

What bet? They bet that the universe was eternal, immutable and unchanging. It could not possibly be a creation because is had never been created. No creation; no creator. Therefore, God, the creator, did not exist.

What were the stakes of that bet? They bet their right to be atheists, at least to do so logically. [If you’ve never read Will James’ essay, ‘The Will to Believe’, I suggest you do. It sets forth the atheist, agnostic and theist positions better than anything else I’ve ever read.]

We’ll talk more about the bet later, but before that we need a common field of data. Not a complete field, but one that covers the essentials required for our discussion. I’ll post that next time.