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Yes, I’m running for President. If you are as tired as I am of the children running for president, I offer you a reasonable choice. Me. A traditional American. Well aware of “traditional American notions of fair play and substantial justice”. [USSupCt, ‘International Shoe’.] Doesn’t that describe who we want for President? You know who I am [cf “Who Am I”], so let’s get to it.



Plank #1: To win a war, you must wage it correctly.

This country is at WAR. Right? Well, WE’RE DOING IT WRONG! I know how to fight a war. I lived thru the last war that we won [WWII]. I’ve been Army educated. [ROTC, U of W; final {& current} rank: 1st Lieut., DOR 5/58, active duty, 11/56 – 11/58, USAR since then.] I still remember, vividly, the radio [no TV then] broadcast announcing the frightening Jap attack on Pearl Harbor. I lived on the West coast then [Mt Vernon, Wash.] and we were scared! BUT, since that scary day, I’ve learned how to fight a war. LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO FIGHT A WAR:

YOU MOBILIZE. What does that mean? It means that you commit the entire productive capacity of our nation to winning the war.

Forget your TV; your new car; ANY consumer product. You don’t win a war with consumer products. You convert to military products. Detroit shuts down its car assembly lines and builds tanks, etc. [Imports of cars will be forbidden. Tanks? yes. Cars? no] GE makes no appliances. ALL available productive capacity goes to making the TOOLS OF WAR. [What’s ‘available’? What’s not necessary to feed, cloth and house {on a minimum maintenance basis} us.] Embrace rationing of scarce products.

You want to win a war? You don’t do it in first gear. Shift to overdrive. Get it done! THAT’S HOW WE DID IT THE LAST TIME WE WON A WAR!

Yes, the last war we won was WWII. I remember the effort real well.

Then came Korea. Poor Harry. He had just put his balls on the table and dropped the bombs on Japan that won WWII. When Korea came up just a few years later, he didn’t have the balls to put us back at war. He called it a ‘police action’.

[I remember an interview-on-the-street during the Korean effort. A woman was asked if it was a war. She said ‘no’. But the media person said, why isn’t this a war? Our troops are deployed. They’re getting killed; they’re killing the enemy. Why isn’t this a war? She replied {TOTALLY ACCURATELY, having just lived thru WWII}: A war is when you can’t buy butter. A war is when gasoline is rationed. A war is when you live on ration coupons. A war is when you don’t buy a new car; there are no new cars; you repair the one you have.]

So we fought what I would call a ‘vest pocket war’. And what happened?

For the first time in our history, the US failed to win a war. We killed a lot of kids and, for all practical purposes, ended up right where we started. Disgraceful!

Yes, it gets worse; we LOST the Vietnam war.

My philosophy about being at war:


Either do it right or don’t do it.

What do I think? Should we fight the war or quit?

I support the war.

We done good when we captured and executed Saddam. [It is clear he wanted to start WWIII. We are to be congratulated that we recognized the parallel to the 1930’s and didn’t placate the warrior dictator. We attacked.] We cut off the head of the snake. But this snake has many heads.

Now those multiple heads lead the terrorists. The terrorists are out to kill everybody they consider a Christian. It is a holy war. [We use their term, jihad, I think, but we don’t really understand that it is a holy war; Muslim against Christian.] It is a kill or be killed reality. We must defeat them unconditionally if we are to have peace. Period.

Did you see the Pakistanis when 9/11 [and the deaths of 3,500 Americans] was announced? They laffed and cheered! They considered it an Islamic victory [which it was]. [When I say ‘they’, I don’t just mean the adults; I saw kids, perhaps 5-10 and over, cheering those deaths. They are taught to kill us from the time they can talk.]

Do we have to annihilate all Muslims? No. There are some who have abandoned the teachings of their warrior founder and believe in peace. How do we find them? I’ll save that for a later post.

For now, let’s just remember: We must fight the war correctly.

That’s Plank # 1 of my platform.



Plank #2: Reconstitute our armed forces so that we are capable of fighting, and winning, a war.

[Yes, I know. This is really included in the first plank, but it’s been a long time since we fought, and won, WWII. The numbers have changed, so, to be clear, I make this a separate plank.]

The steps we need to follow to win this war? Here they are:

First: Restart the draft. I read recently that our Army strength in Iraq was 160,000 folk. Can this be true? How in hell can you win a war with 160,000 troops in the battle zone?

A general stated that his target was, over the next few years, to build it up to half a million. For pity sake, even in 1952 [Korea] we had 2.5 million in the army. In WWII, we lost [killed or incapacitated], more or less, a half million lives! How many troops did we have in the combined forces?

In May of 1945, we had 8 million soldiers in the army. Our population then was about 134 million. Today, our population is about 300 million [in round numbers]. Today, we have more than twice the population as in 1945. How big of an Army should we have today if we want to win the wars [yes, two of them] in Iraq and Afganistan?

I’m tired of watching America be held at bay by third world countries that we outnumber what?, about 10 to 1? [Iraq numbers about 26 million folk. So does California, more or less.] To win this war, we need a standing armed forces [Army, Navy {including Marines} and Air Force] of at least 10,000,000 folk [men and women]. That’s less than 5% of our population. To have as big an Army as in 1945, pro rata, today, we’d have more than 16,000,000 men and women in the Army [and Air Force — they were one in 1945].

Then we won’t be sending, immorally, a few, poor kids out to man a lonely outpost with less than 50 troops [read that as 10-20 or less] and getting killed by a car bomb.

I remember the words of General Patton [as recited in the movie, by George C. Scott as the general]: No one ever won a war by dying for his country; he won the war by making the other, poor, dumb bastard die for his country. Yes, I’m tired of sending our kids overseas to let them die for our country. I want to see a whole lot of the other guys die for their country!

You think we don’t have that power? I assure you that we do. We just have to cinch up our belts and GO TO WAR.

Just a day or so ago, I saw a General suggest that maybe the draft would be a good idea! No lie! But not like Vietnam! Not a vest pocket draft. [The General had to be politically correct or forfeit his career. I have no such worries. If I haven’t made this clear, I eschew political correctness in favor of saving American lives.] A WWII draft. Enough to do the job.

Then, do what you do to win a war [see plank #1].

That’s plank #2.


Plank #3: I advocate the BB4B Doctrine.

What’s that? First, a little history. Remember the Monroe Doctrine?

Announced almost 200 years ago by President Monroe. Basically, it stated that if any European nation attempted to expand its holdings anywhere in the Americas, the U S would treat that as an attack on itself and go to war against any such encroaching country.

The theory was simple: Any expansion into the Americas, North, Central or South, would threaten our nation. We couldn’t afford to have Spain, for example, build up its holdings in the Americas until it could have enough troops over here to attack the USA. So Monroe made it clear: The first step was one too many!

The BB4B Doctrine is similar. Let’s not be coy. We have too many nuclear powers in the world. [That is, countries with nuclear warheads.] Until recently, the nuclear powers were large, reasonable nations; that is, they had a lot to lose in a war. Recently, more of the criminal nations are trying to elbow their way up to the table with the big guys. [North Korea and Iran, for example.] They do this to blackmail us.

The BB4B Doctrine is: Any atomic program that could proliferate atomic weapons will be considered an act of war against the USA.

Will we invade every podunk nation that does so? No, we’ll just blow their nuclear capability off the face of the earth. No more begging these criminal nations to be nice. If they put together a nuclear warhead capability [or one reasonably calculated to do so], we will vaporize it.

That’s plank #3.



Plank #4 and more? Don’t really have any more.

My domestic agenda? Easy. Essentially the same as during WWII. With full mobilization, there will be no unemployment of those willing to work; just like WWII. [Remember, WWII was preceded by the Great Depression. It got us out of it.]

With full employment by government contracting companies, who will be required to provide health care to employees, we’ll have no health care uninsured folk.

Our domestic agenda will be the same as it was in 1942: WIN THE WAR. [WWII was the greatest time in the history of this nation. Everyone worked together. The real threat was the Nazis and the Japs.]

I was on the west coast on 12/7/41; we had NOTHING to stop the Japs. When I went on active duty, those who had been in a position of planning told me that the Joint Chiefs had conceded all of the west coast to the Japs. The Rocky Mountains were to be our line of defense.

Thanks to the brave Phillipinos who magnificently delayed the Jap time table, the battle of Midway was fought in June [not January as planned by the Japs] and, since that had given us time to rebuild our Pacific fleet, [and thanks to some excellent strategy by the admirals and heroic efforts by many pilots] we won the battle of Midway.

Trust me: When we finally realize that our very way of life is being attacked today [just as in 12/41], our domestic problems will shrink as we fight the real enemy.

That’s the end of my first campaign speech.

[Maybe you disagree with my platform: I welcome questions/challenges to my admittedly simple platform.]

But I like simplicity. We obfuscate real needs with a multiplicity of junk issues while killing off our innocent young people. How can you live with yourselves while being a part of that random sacrifice [without hope of winning, just like Vietnam] of our youth?

I offer you a ‘return to yesteryear’; a return to when America was the greatest nation in the world, a return to success!

P. S. You want to know my name? You don’t like BB4G? Well, I’m sure that many of you know my name. You can easily figure out my name from all of the clues I gave you in ‘Who Am I?’ [with the help of the web], can’t you? Just to prove it, a 6 pack of Bud to the first person who posts my name in a comment — if you’re wrong, you owe me a case.


For a stronger, successful, America, I am BB4G.